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THE SILVER CANVAS was created when Nick Vaccaro rediscovered one of his interests from his past. Nick did not have to stray far from his childhood passions and life’s work. As the son of two artists who were also eclectic antique collectors, he was introduced early in life to an extensive array of thrift stores, flea markets and museums. Thanks to his father, who was an Art Professor, he was introduced to a very intensive education in both Art and American History. Nick’s parents began amassing a fairly respectable collection of Native American artifacts. As his parents struck up many relationships with collectors and dealers, one gentleman became a major mentor to his family. During their friendship with this gentleman, Nick was highly influenced by how he had collected artifacts based on their aesthetic value and their historical significance. His influence still guides Nick in selecting 19th Century photographic images. Nick thanks his parents and the people they introduced him to as a child for his early introduction of the Arts and teaching him the importance of being a responsible caretaker of the Art one chooses to collect.

Throughout the journeys of Nick’s childhood, he began a modest collection of antique photographs with his father, some of which he still owns. By the time he was a senior in high school, he was lucky enough to discover another passion that would take him on an adventure for more than half his life, an actual career in photography. After completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Kansas, he relocated to New York City and worked for nearly 25 years as a commercial photographer. His many years in New York City helped him fine-tune an aesthetic eye for selecting unique and beautiful photographic imagery not only for his own collection but, for the creation of THE SILVER CANVAS as a online gallery. Nick wishes to spark the interest of new collectors and help facilitate finding images for the veteran collector.

Please enjoy THE SILVER CANVAS and let us know if there are any items we can assist you with or provide you with more information on individual images.

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